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    For all film links & DVD screeners please find us at:

    10-12 Collier Crescent
    Brunswick 3056
    VIC, Australia

    +61 (0)434 809 221

    About Us

    Red Hot Shorts has been running at Melbourne’s premier arts venue, ACMI, since 2009.¬†We have moved steadily through their cinemas and we now find ourselves in their lovely 350 seat cinema two on a regular basis.

    We had had the pleasure of working with audio/visual material from artists such as Radiohead, Bjork, Nick Cave, The White Stripes and many more.
    We’ve had special focus upon NYC, Warp Records and local filmmakers.We’ ve also screened many Australian premieres as well as showcasing the film work of up and coming Australian directors, many of whom are now making feature films.

    And before all of this, we started off as a humble record store based in the Flinders St Subway, Melbourne called Rising Sounds.

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